ROI Packages for Investors


Make a Positive Difference, Invest in the Future of this Generation and the Next.  Thriving together, with nature and growing together in compassion, love and in healing service to others.

How about being part of the solution to address an underlying socioeconomic problem for those in our community living in despair, depression or living “unconsciously” and without true purpose?

Do you want to empower people to feel whole again, balanced in body mind and spirit and for them to reach for their full creative potential while improving their quality of life?  Come to Restorative Yin to restore your body’s balance for a simple getaway from your busy lives, or to relax and revitalize the mind and spirit respectively.

Do you want to be part of the change?  To help people overcome their fears, life challenges and for them to tap into their true authentic self.  Through eating clean, lean and organic food, and being closer to nature’s elements and taking part in some of the restorative healing arts programs and therapies – you can help others to overcome depression, emotional turmoil or feeling hopeless.


I would like to seek crowd funding and seed funding of $50,000 + $50,000 CAD in capital expenses from local businesses, municipalities and venture capitalists so that we can set up a permanent location for the Restorative Yin programs in 2018: exotic plant nursery, tiny home community, organic farm-to-table produce, rest & retreat programs, culinary art events, music therapy, yoga classes and massage therapy – in order to generate the multiple revenue streams for each of the Development Phases of the Restorative Yin Wellness Retreat & Zen Gardens.

“Everyone needs some form of healing from the inside out.” 

By restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit of people for an improved quality of life. Cecilia hopes to help others find their true authentic and creative potential in this lifetime. Restorative Yin is the place that offers this positive start!

As an investor or venture capitalists what will you receive:

1. Revenue Share and Residual Income Annually

Depending on the level of donation you put up front, the same percentage share will be taken as part of the total profit made over the first and second years and given back to you annually as an investor’s lump sum – your ROI.  Therefore you become a revenue shareholder for the operating business that includes all revenue programs.  The actual percentage may fluctuate in the first 5 years while we seek initial capital investors to get the business up and running.  So for example, you decide to invest $1 million up front, then you would be a 20% share holder in all revenue made.  This facility is forecasted to make $3 million per year, meaning that the cost of the property would be covered by the second year – yielding lucrative profit margins and ROI for you within the first 2 years!

2. Unlimited Access and Affiliate Discount to the Restorative Yin Healing Art Programs, Professional Services, Event Bookings and Organic Produce

As an investor you automatically become a Shareholder Member, which means you and your immediate family members have unlimited access at a Discounted Affiliates Rate of 25% off to the Wellness Centre, Healing Art Programs, Rest and Restore Packages, Professional Services and Organic Produce. for your Family.

3. Loyalty Discounts to our Local Business Alliances for organic meat, local and wholesome restaurant partners, local artisans, musicians and green businesses within the Ridge Meadows area.

As an investor you will receive affiliation discounts to the following businesses for starters, while this list continues to grow: