The Proposal


Restorative Yin is a place for obtaining clarity, creative vision and perspective by healing one’s body, mind and spirit from the inside out.


How about being part of the solution to address an underlying socioeconomic problem for those in our community living in despair, depression or living “unconsciously” and without true purpose?

Do you want to empower people to feel whole again, balanced in body mind and spirit and for them to reach for their full creative potential while improving their quality of life?

Come to Restorative Yin to restore your body’s balance for a simple getaway from your busy lives, or to relax and revitalize the mind and spirit as part of returning to wholeness.

Do you want to be part of the change?  To help people overcome their fears, life challenges and for them to tap into their true authentic self.  Through eating clean, lean and organic food, and being closer to nature’s elements and taking part in some of the restorative healing arts programs and therapies – you can help others to overcome depression, emotional turmoil or feeling hopeless.

Proposal for the Restorative Yin Program Staff and to the Property Owners of Beautiful Acreages:

If you are an acreage property owner, horticulturist, landscape gardener, farmer, herbalist, essential oil maker, recreational therapist, organic vegetable, yoga instructor, tai-chi instructor, reiki healer, energy worker, counselor or professional therapist and would like to collaborate on one of our programs in your local area in British Columbia, please CONNECT WITH CECILIA on Facebook.

Restorative Yin is changing the World for the Better, One Person at a Time…through the restoration of balance to body, mind and spirit we can all begin to heal ourselves and restore the planet back to its pristine state.

 “Everyone needs some form of healing from the inside out.” 

By restoring balance of the mind, body and spirit of people for an improved quality of life, Cecilia hopes to help others find their true authentic and creative potential in this lifetime. Restorative Yin is the place that offers this positive start!

zen garden

Restorative Yin is a Wellness Retreat of Healing Arts, a place of inspiration, serenity and tranquility set in the beautiful Greater Vancouver Area in the Fraser Valley surrounded by the North Shore Mountains in British Columbia

Restorative Yin is located on an acreage of professionally landscaped zen meditation gardens and elemental healing features, naturally preserved habitats, an abundance of pine tree lined green space and organic vegetable patches.

Restoration Yin is a place for REST, RELAXATION, REJUVENATION that enables RESTORATION for one’s body, mind and spirit to occur. Surrounded by nature ‘s best, a couple of professionally landscaped golf courses, various green businesses and the beautiful picturesque valley that is surrounded by 360 degree mountain views.  Come to immerse yourself with nature so that you can heal body, mind and spirit.

Vitality Rest & Restore Packages

Come to eat, relax, rest and restore at the Restoration Yin Retreat. Enjoy the landscaped gardens, organic and wholesome meals and take part in the healing arts programs. 2-day getaways, weekend and 2-week programs available.

These Rest & Restore Packages would be run by the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Staff of Restorative Yin, depending on the venue, accommodation may vary between luxury guest suites on a resort, tiny house on wheels, log cabins and camping accommodation.

jade suitejade suite bath

Guests would come to stay for the 2-day program or 2-week program (group program of up to 20 people) and have 2 wholesome meals per day by the Culinary Arts Chef de Maison set in a Chef’s Table concept, access to all body healing classes including Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation, therapy services including Reiki Healing and Massage Therapy, the beautifully landscaped gardens and Great Room of the Restorative Yin Wellness Retreat.

west coast interiorkitchen3

You are welcome to stay for 2 days or 2 weeks stays depending on the level of rest, depth of the restoration and retreat you need.

Regardless of whether you choose one of our Rest & Restore packages in the Main Inn or to visit the Wellness Retreat for the day, be sure to enjoy the meditation gardens, have an organic meal at our Chef-Table or simply enjoy the tranquility of the nature setting or take part in the Healing Arts programs, classes or therapies.

log cabin

eco pool swim zen reflect

These Rest & Restore Packages would be a core revenue stream for the Restorative Yin facility.  Yielding $400,000 – $900,000 per year in annual revenue with 6 wellness programs run that year.

Mind, Body and Heart Healing

Enjoy a selection of Daytime healing art services, classes and therapies that include: Reiki Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Yin Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Life Strategy Coaching, Music Therapy, Pet Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy.

These Healing Art services, classes and therapies would be run by the designated Professionals/Experts, Practitioners and Instructors for that particular service, class or therapy at Restorative Yin.

yogataichi hutlotus peace


Clients would sign up for classes and appointments online and visit the Healing Arts Centre for the body healing classes, therapy services or attend an event at the Restorative Yin Wellness Retreat.  Daytime visitors are welcome to sign up and participate in these therapies, classes or programs for a fee.  Guests staying in the main house would have access to these classes, services and therapies as part of their Vitality Rest & Restore Packages.

These Healing Arts and Programs would be a core revenue stream for the Restorative Yin facility.  Yielding $200,000 – $700,000 per year in annual revenue.

Organic Produce, Exotic Plant Nursery & Landscaped Gardens

Acres of organic certified vegetable patches, community gardens, professional landscaped zen gardens and exotic flower and plant life. Opportunity for more fresh produce to be organically grown, as well as a selection of cooking herbs, essential oils and medicinal herbs.

Each of  landscaped gardens contains the Elements of Mother Earth with a Water feature, Fire feature, Wood swing and Earth feature of natural rock, minerals or gemstones.  Wherever possible, the natural landscape and habitats will be preserved, and very little rustic wood elements would be added to bring visually pleasing and nature-centric structure to the Wellness Retreat and Gardens.

greenhouse veg patch

A wider selection of organic fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants, fresh herbs and essential oils can be purchased online or used by guests when staying on site at Restorative Yin.  The ecommerce solution of organic delivery to the table will be available for local distribution, serving clients within a 30 km radius in in the Fraser Valley.


zen2 zen reflect

The Organic Produce & Exotic Plant Nursery would be a core revenue stream for the Restorative Yin facility.  Yielding $900,000 – $1,500,000 per year in annual revenue as a sustaining business.

Healing Arts Community Centre

The Healing Arts Community Centre would be a central meeting place, event centre where guests and visitors can come together for entertainment, art events, music and artist showcases as well as to showcase Restorative Yin’s healing art programs, classes and therapies available.

piano music therapygreat room4

Once every quarter, this community centre will be used to give back to the local community that is less fortunate by providing a hot meal and donation drives to those less fortunate.

 The Healing Arts Event Centre can house 120 guests and be booked for Weddings, Formal Dinners, Seminars.

The Event Hall can be used to for community-driven events such as Local Artists and/or Artisan Performances and/or Presentations to showcase some of the Music and Creative Art therapy programs being run by Restorative Yin.

Between the Wedding Photo Service generating $144,000 per year, the Wedding Event Booking business generating $700,000 per year and all the various programs, events and gallerias generating $200,000 annual revenue.

The Healing Arts Event Centre and Restorative Yin Gardens would be sustainable core revenue stream, yielding a total of $1.1 million per year.