Local Business Alliance Network


Restorative Yin will put Pitt Meadows on the Global Map for Green friendly places to visit.  Restorative Yin likes to leverage and promote from the network of local businesses, artisans and various home grown skill sets for a win-win community-driven initiative that THRIVES FOR EVERYONE!

With the set up of Restorative Yin in the beautiful Pitt Meadows area of British Columbia, implies that the local businesses, artisans and professional services will thrive also.  Putting Pitt Meadows on to the map for local and foreign tourists alike and visitors to the Wellness Retreat can come and enjoy it’s picturesque setting among the Pitt and Golden Ears Mountains.

Some of the Local Businesses and Associations in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge that share the same philosophy of a reduced carbon footprint, and sustainable business of within 100 miles include:


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